About Us

We are compelled by our resolve to make every home beautiful without impacting the mother earth. Our décor products at Thread Story goes through rigorous design process. The box which comes at your doorstep is “a perfect art piece”.

Supporting the Communities:

Though all our products are designed in bustling vibe of Mumbai city, we take help of artisans from rural India and from the home grown artists from different cities to manufacture few of our products. This not only provides them a living but sense of belonging. We are proud of their support and partnership.

Dr. Vipal Joshi

In Greek mythology, strong women loomed tapestry to give voice to their opinions and a platform to their skill. Our founder, a Dental Surgeon by profession, tries to reclaim this art and is creating magic with the same. Since she was a child, she has had a peculiar inclination toward creative art. Probably it was this interest in creating that manifested in her very first macramé product. Made in leisure time with the help of basic sources such as Youtube videos and woolen threads. This were the first steps towards conceptualizing the Thread Story. The process, at its initial stage was one of incessant effort and will. She persisted in getting the right material for authentically appealing designs.

The very name Thread Story comes in because the creator believes that her work has the capability of melting into people’s lives and slowly becoming a part of their stories. The very same rationale is reflected in her work where she creates these homely, warmth giving tapestries to make a home feel more like one. Vipal is a strong woman who let the artist in her come forth to make an endeavour.


Concept Curation
The product conceptualisation is worked out with immense deliberation and a complementary sense of aesthetic. May it be chic boho utility pieces, subtle urban tapestries or tropical themes: unique concepts are carved.

Prototype Creation
With a careful play of permutations and combinations of design, dimension and utility; the product prototypes form basis for the evolution of the final work.

Standard Yardstick
Design features and techniques incorporated in particular elements, across the range of products are set benchmarks. This ensures consistency and symmetry throughout the collections.

Quality Check
Products are scanned to the minutest details for defects or inconsistency; to only dispatch them in perfect condition.