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Four Great ways to Decorate your Balcony using Trendy Handmade Macrame Products

Macramé products are made using cotton yarn which totally eco-friendly. The cotton threads are also recyclable and bio-degradable.

Amazing Balcony Décor using Handmade Macramé Products

1. Plant Hangers: Plants are inevitable parts of our homes. Be it the most revered plant of holy basil (Tulsi plant) or round year flourishing Baramasi Flower plant, everyone loves to plant. Have you thought of decorating plants using macramé threads? It is the most simple, elegant, and eco-friendly way to decorate your balcony. It elevates the beauty of your outdoor space/balcony without shelling out much money.

Our range of Plant Hangers starts at as low as Rs. 150. Check out the link here: Thread Story Plant Hangers & Shelves

Plant Cotton Plant Hanger with Beads

More advantages include:
– Proper use of vertical space:
– Make plant cleaning and maintenance very easy:
– Prevents your plants from your pets

2. Macramé Shelves: Another way to decorate your outdoor space/balcony is using our Macramé Shelves. A Macramé Shelf consists of hanging wooden shelves through macramé thread. You can easily hang it on any wall. It allows a clearer view of your beautiful plants.
There are also made from recyclable and bio-degradable material. They will genuinely elevate your vertical space on walls. You can also make an effective design using small multiple small shelves and create a vertical garden.

Advantages of plant hangers

Macramé Wall Hanging Shelf

Check out product shelves here: Shelf with Hanging and Shelf for a Planter

3. Macramé Swing: The history of swings dates back to 3000 years. Having a swing on the balcony brings positive vibes and is also considered auspicious. Swings in any form are loved by all age groups. No one forgets their childhood days of sleeping into a swing. It not only elevates the overall look of your outdoor space/balcony but also gives this space much-needed decorative items.
Macramé swings are an economical way to add this much-needed decorative item. They are customized to size, color, and design, unlike pre-designed cane swings. Cane swings usually come in limited colors but macramé swings do have not such limitations, you can use our vibrant colors. You can contact us for customized orders.

4. Macramé Pouf and Stools: An pouf is a low, cushioned seat option that is lower than a sofa. Placed next to a sofa, it is generally used as additional seating. An excellent functional and flexible addition to any room, poufs can be found in a wide range of sizes, colors, shapes, textures, and fabrics.

Visit this link to see all our Balcony Décor using Handmade Macramé Products here:

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